Elderberry & Nettle Extract



Dorwest Elderberry & Nettle Extract is used for coat growth and pigmentation for dogs and cats.

Both Elderberries and Nettles are particularly rich in iron and iodine, the minerals essential for good pigmentation. The high level of these minerals is preserved in the carefully balanced mix of full strength extracts in this liquid supplement. It will maintain and improve pigmentation in dogs and cats, making it the perfect supplement to help regain the loss of pigment that sometimes can occur following a season or during the winter months.

It can be given throughout the year without fear of overheating the system and given with any dry, wet or complete feeding regimes. It is also suitable for pregnant and lactating females.

Benefits of Elderberry & Nettle Extract:

  • Post op areas can recover from hair loss
  • Recovery from seasonal coat changes

Directions: Small dogs & cats ¼ tsp; Medium dogs ½ tsp; Large dogs 1 tsp; Giant breeds 1½ tsp. given daily. For animal use only.

Ingredients: 25% Elderberry extract and 75% Nettle extract from plant material conforming to British Herbal Pharmacopoeial specifications.

Product Code: DVR0032


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