Calm Patches


Suitable for Vegetarians


Ross J. Barr Calm Patches are a convenient, effective and natural way to help alleviate stress headaches and tension, as well as ease anger and frustration. 

Developed by Ross J. Barr, who is regarded as one of the country’s leading and trusted acupuncture specialists, Calm Patches are designed to sit alongside the already well-established natural Healing Patches. Calm Patches have been created to help ease tensions such as headaches and migraines, they also remedy the stagnation of thoughts or brain fog, and soothe frustration and agitation. These small and discreet patches get to work straight away to target everyday stresses. 

They include Chuan-xiong that is known to calm, Safflower that soothes and reduces inflammation and Asarum that is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat aches and pains. An immediate calming effect is also felt thanks to the unique scent created by the combination of White Peony and Peach that elicits a deeply relaxing olfactive experience. 

These patches do have a strong scent when first applying due to the natural ingredients selected for them. 

How to use:

Remove the backing and apply directly to the temples, forehead, or area of headache for instant relaxation.
Alternatively, try tapping into a powerful acupuncture point by placing the patch on the top of the foot between the big and second toe which is known to subdue Liver Heat in Chinese medicine. 

Directions: Suitable for Adults and Children above 12 years of age. Apply to the areas of tension and pain as needed. Children under 12 years of age, consult a doctor. Each pack contains 10 patches. Single use only.

Use this product only as directed. This product is for external use only. Not suitable for use during pregnancy or if breastfeeding. When using please ensure that you avoid contact with the eyes and nose. Do not use on damaged or broken skin. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients or suffer with skin sensitivity it is recommended that you consult a physician in advance of use.

Peach Kernels: To move stagnant blood and Qi in the Blood vessels

Chuan-Xiong: For calming the heart, vertigo and headaches

Safflower: Soothes skin and reduces inflammation

Man-Jing Zi: Clears heat especially with headache or eye pain

White Peony: Traditionally used to treat anxiety in Chinese Medicine and has an analgesic (pain-relieving) effect.

Asarum: Used traditionally to treat aches, pain and tooth ache.

Product Code: RJB0008

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