Foot Kiss



This easy-to-use Callus Removal Kit contains salon-based ingredients to treat calluses, cracked heels and dry skin, leaving your feet softer and smoother in just ten minutes. It’s the perfect way to start your home pedicure.  

Foot Kiss has created this innovative four-step Callus Removal Kit using ingredients found in professional salons, including Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) which soften and dissolve dry, dead skin on the feet – without the use of a pedicure knife or skin grater. AHAs ‘unglue’ epidermal cells, allowing dead skin to be removed, thereby making way for soft new skin. Within ten minutes, the gel and removal tool remove calluses and dead skin, rejuvenate cracked heels, stimulate new skin growth and perfect your feet all over. 

Simply squeeze the Callus Removal Kit gel onto the patches supplied then stick onto your feet where required. Leave for ten minutes and remove the unwanted skin with the tool supplied.  

Watch how Foot Kiss Callus Removal works in this video

Product Code: FKS0001