Foot Kiss

Callus Removal Kit



The simple 4 step treatment for callus and hard skin removal within 10 minutes.

Footkiss is a new and exciting innovative callus and hard skin treatment for your feet - instant results in 10 minutes.

  • Remove your calluses & dead skin
  • Rejuvenate your cracked heels
  • Stimulate new skin growth
  • Create softer, healthier looking skin
  • Perfect Treatment For 'Beach-Ready' Feet

Foot kiss - What's The Science Behind It?

  • Using professional salon based ingredients Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s), Footkiss gently dissolves and softens dry dead skin build up without the use of pedicure knives and skin graters.
  • They cause the cells of the epidermis to become "unglued" allowing the dead skin cells to slough off, making room for regrowth of new skin. AHA’s may even stimulate the production of collagen and elastin!

View Video: Footkiss - callus removal


  • Anyone with cracked heels and calluses can use Footkiss quickly, easily and safely.
  • Simply squeeze the special gel onto the patches supplied then stick on where required.
  • Leave for 10 minutes and then remove the unwanted skin with the tool supplied.
  • Finish the treatment with the moisturing heel balm.

Product Code: FKS0001


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