The Light Salon

Boost - Cleanse & Recovery Spray


Suitable for Vegetarians


The Light Salon Boost - Cleanse and Recovery Spray is a dermatologically tested cleansing tonic to optimise skin health, balance oil, calm redness and sensitivity.

And because it helps to balance the complexion, it tackles blemishes and inflammation, controls oil, maintains moisture, and is a fantastic remedy for irritation post-shaving for men and women.

Benefits of The Boost - Cleanse & Recovery Spray:

  • Works on blemishes and cuts, or anything that looks red and sensitive.
  • Can help minimise pesky monthly breakouts.
  • Helps calm irritation and ease the sting of problematic patches.
  • Simple option for teenage cleansing.
  • Works well for men with beards and can calm shaving rash.
  • Prepares the skin for regeneration.

Follow these steps on how to gain the best results from your Cleanse & Recovery Spray:


  • Step 1 Cleanser to remove make-up
  • Step 2 Spritz skin with Cleanse & Recovery
  • Step 3 Boost LED Mask (10 minutes or Double dose)*
  • Step 4 Anti-oxidant (such as Vitamin C)
  • Step 5 Moisturiser (if needed)
  • Step 6 Sunscreen

*Your Boost LED Mask can be used morning OR evening


  • Step 1 Cleanser to remove make-up
  • Step 2 Spritz skin with Cleanse & Recovery
  • Step 3 Boost LED Mask (10 minutes or Double dose)
  • Step 4 Moisturiser (if needed)


Morning and evening, post-cleanse, spritz Cleanse & Recovery to prime your skin for the Boost LED Mask or spray after applying your makeup to seal it in.


Hypochlorous provides highly effective cleansing with antimicrobial protection. However, unlike most antimicrobials it has a skin neutral pH, is non-irritant, non-sensitising and non-cytotoxic even to regrowing skin cells. Cleanse and Recovery Spray will calm and reduce redness and blemishes, to reveal a brighter more even toned complexion.




Aqua Phosphoric Acid Sodium Hypochlorite. Contains no alcohol, fragrance or colours. Does not stain skin.


Product Code: TLS0002


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