Suitable for Vegetarians


AllerAide is an advanced natural supplement available to help with Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis in 90% of cases and to relieve a wide variety of other allergic symptoms. Safe, natural and extraordinarily effective, this formula is maximum strength, does not cause drowsiness and is non-habit forming. AllerAide contains no aspirin, antihistamines, psuedophedrine or other central nervous stimulants and is safe to take with other medications.
AllerAide contains three plant ingredients, cardiospermum halicabum for sneezing, galphimia glauca for allergies and luffa operculata to relieve sinus inflammation.

Our in store pharmacist, Shabir Daya, has written an article about Alleraide:

Dosage: Adults & Children over 12 years - take one tablet every hour until symptoms subside then one tablet three times a day. Children 2 - 12: Half the adult dose.

(HPUS): Galphimia glauca (Galphimia) 30x, Luffa operculata (Esponjilla) 12x, Sabadilla (Cevadilla) 6x. Lactose based tablets.

Product Code: BNT0597

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