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Sylk Natural Intimate Moisturizer


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Sylk is the personal lubricant that's as natural as you. Sylk simulates your natural secretion, and uses no chemicals. Sylk is paraben free. Sylk makes your everyday life - and your lovelife-so much easier.

Because Sylk is a natural lubricant it's safe to use with tampons and condoms. Apply it and forget it. Because it's the natural lubricant with the backing of health professionals, Sylk is now available on prescription and is free to those aged 60+. And because it's chemical-free, there's no 'hidden-ingredients' to compromise or affect your existing medications.

For everyday relief from vaginal dryness, just use as and when you need it. Because it's a natural lubricant, Sylk is non-greasy, stainless and non-sticky, so it won't compromise your lifestyle or confidence.

Purified water, extracts of kiwifruit plant, citrus seed and xanthan plant, vegetable glycerine, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium citrate.
Product Code: GNV0895