Grade AAA Organic Matcha - Single Serve Sachets


Suitable for Vegetarians


OMGTea Grade AAA Organic Matcha Green Tea in single serve sachets.

OMGTEA Grade AAA Organic Matcha is a very high grade ceremonial tea with nothing matching its smooth and sweet flavour. The highest grade of organic matcha supports the immune system, boost metabolism and regulates both cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Burns calories, increases energy levels and endurance. Relaxes your mind lowers cholesterol & regulates blood sugar levels. Anti-ageing & detoxifying. Laboratory studies suggest that EGCG works at the cellular level to possibly prevent cell mutation by protecting the genes.

OMGTEAs Grade AAA Organic Matcha offers a stunning high level of ORAC units: With 1685 units it surpasses all natural antioxidant rich food known so far.

Benefits of AAA Organic Matcha:

  • Boosts metabolism & aids weight loss
  • Burns calories
  • Increases energy and endurance
  • Lowers cholesterol & regulates bloody sugar levels
  • Relaxes your mind & improves mental clarity
  • 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea
  • Anti-ageing & detoxifying
  • Laboratory studies suggest that EGCG, found in Matcha green tea works at the cellular level to prevent cell mutation.
  • Organic Super Premium Japanese green tea matcha powder sourced from the best suppliers
  • Can be used for drinking & creating matcha latte.

Our In-House pharmacist, Shabir Daya has written an article about Grade AAA Organic Matcha:

Directions: Place sachet of organic matcha into a mug or bowl and add a few drops of 80°C water to melt the tea into a paste. After the tea is melted, fill with more hot water (no more than 80°C) and whisk until frothy & smooth.

100% pure organic matcha

Product Code: OMG0004


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