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Travel Well Kit



This Travel Well Kit from Flower Essences of Australia helps combat the fatigue, jet lag, dehydration and water retention associated with road, air or sea travel, so you arrive at your destination feeling energised and refreshed.

Travel-Well Essence: Works to alleviate travel sickness, water retention, dehydration, jet lag and sleeplessness. By helping you adapt to different time zones, it leaves you feeling refreshed and re-balanced when you take seven drops morning and evening one week before and during travel, and for one week upon return.

Travel-Refresh Spritz: This deeply hydrating Lemon Myrtle and Rose Water refreshes and replenishes your skin while helping you to feel uplifted during long-haul flights. Mist it onto your face, neck and into the space around you to keep it fresh and clear.

Each Travel Well Kit contains 25ml of Travel Well Essence and 25ml of Travel Refresh Spritz

Product Code: FEA0014

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