The Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Décolletage Bib


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Hydrate, smooth, tighten and brighten your neck and chest area when you use The Light Salon’s Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Décolletage Bib for just ten minutes a day.

The Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Bib helps energise cell activity by delivering light deep into the target areas. Red 633nm improves the look and texture of the skin while Near-Infrared 830nm enhances bone density, renews tissue and eases muscle pain.

The LED Bib also helps slows the ageing process by enhancing collagen and elastin production, combatting the negative effects of sun and pollution exposure, and increasing blood flow, promoting tissue regeneration and healing. 

Clinically proven and hands-free, it’s easy to use on your neck, back, chest and shoulders and leaves you with brighter, smoother, hydrated skin. Used for 10 minutes a day, it also helps alleviate muscles aches and pains, making you feel more relaxed and refreshed.

Suitable for all skin tones and types. 

For best results, use your Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Décolletage Bib three to five days a week for the first four weeks, using twice a day on two of those days. Treatments last ten minutes.

Product Code: TLS0010

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