TanGO - Tan Removal Cloth



The secret to a flawless tan? Removing the last flawless tan.

Say good-bye to tan build-up and errors tanGO the WORLD™S FIRST sunless tan removal cloth gently removes tanning pigment from your skin without harsh scrubbing or the use of chemicals, leaving your skin clean and ready for your next tan.

tanGO is reusable, environmentally friendly and a must have for every tanning enthusiast. It™s as simple as WET ME. SQUEEZE ME. RUB ME.

Frequently asked questions

How do I use my TanGo cloth?
Whilst in the shower, make sure your TanGO cloth is damp but not too wet. Starting with your ankles and feet, rub with a firm upwards motion. Continue with hips, arms and elbows followed by the rest of the body. Be gentle on the décolletage areas.

I have orange feet, ankles and elbows - how do I fix this?
The wetter your TanGO is, the less tan it will remove. Squeeze away the excess water and rub firmly with your damp TanGOcloth on the affected areas.

My tan has build-up and cracks, what can I do?
Use your TanGO fake tan remover cloth regularly to keep your tan from building up on your skin. To even out cracks and imperfections, wet your TanGO and use gently to buff the affected areas. TanGO is perfect for belly-buttons and other hard to reach areas!

Can I apply a self-tan straight after using TanGo?
TanGO can be used directly before applying self tanning products. Other exfoliators leave a barrier on the skin that impedes the perfect tan. TanGO will not scratch or change the pH level of your skin making it the perfect skin preparation tool.

How often can I use my TanGo cloth?
Your TanGO cloth will not scratch your skin. You may use TanGO in the shower with shower gel or soap on a daily basis. Be sure to remember to be gentle with your TanGO. Please don™t use on open cuts or wounds.

How do I care for my TanGo?
To get the most out of your fake tan remover cloth, wash your TanGO once a week. TanGO is machine washable - do not use fabric softener. Avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade.

How long will my TanGo last?
With proper care your TanGO should last between 3 to 6 months.

Product Code: TNG0001


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