Sulphur 30c



Pattern of symptoms: smelly discharges, bad breath, hot feet, extreme thirst, untidy, averse to washing, disorganised, impatient and critical; symptoms get better with fresh air and worse after baths and changes of weather.Common uses: eczema and skin rashes (but consult a professional homeopath to ensure this is the correct remedy if the condition is severe), scaly skin and scalp, coughs and colds with dry nose and smelly catarrh, sore throat, earache, eye inflammation, fever, headaches, joint pain, restlessness and insomnia, burning or itching piles, diarrhoea in early morning, indigestion, measles.Caution: don't use if there's a history of tuberculosis.

Press base twice to release two pillules into cap. Unscrew cap and without touching pillules tip them into mouth. Pillules to be sucked or chewed and taken between meals. Adults and children: 2 pillules every 2 hours for the first 6 doses, then 4 times a day.


Product Code: NLS1903

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