Rhus Tox 6c



Dorwest Rhus Tox 6c for joints and mobility in dogs and cats.

One of the most popular homœopathic remedies helps maintain healthy joints and mobility and is most effective when used in conjunction with herbal treatments for optimum benefits. For pets who have joint pains which have to be relieved by very regular movements.

Benefits of Rhus Tox 6c:

  • Maintains healthy joints and mobility
  • Relieves restlessness caused by stiffed joints
  • Has been observed to reduce inflamed, intensely itchy rash and fluid filled blister conditions.
  • Easy to use dispenser that keeps the pillules dry and in a small pocketsize container

Directions: Give one 4 or 5 times per day until symptoms reduce, then lower to give one 3 times per day for as long as is required. For animal use only.

Product Code: DVR0039

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