Radiance: Hibiscus, Rosehip & Aloe Vera Organic Super-Tea

15-Tea Pyramids

Suitable for Vegetarians


Packed full of African ingredients, this purifying Aduna Hibiscus, Rosehip & Aloe Vera Super-Tea supports healthy digestion, immunity, metabolism and the nervous system while fighting fatigue and helping to boost your skin’s radiance.

A delightful floral brew, this full-bodied Aduna Radiance Tea is blended with antioxidant-rich Hibiscus, which helps repair skin damage caused by sun exposure. In addition, vibrant Rosehips, Elderberries and soothing Aloe Vera making for a powerful tonic that promotes digestion, immunity, glucose metabolism, bladder and kidney function, reproductive health – and glowing skin. Brew a cup when you need to fight fatigue the natural way.

100% natural, organic, vegan, ethically sourced and Caffeine-free.

Sip Radiance: Hibiscus, Rosehip & Aloe Vera Super-Tea hot. Pour 250 ml boiling water into your favourite cup, brew for at least five to seven minutes and enjoy.

Try it iced: Pour 75 ml boiling water into a glass (enough to generously cover your teabag), brew for at least five to seven minutes and top with iced water. See the full range of Aduna Teas here.

Sustainably-Sourced & Caffeine-Free, Natural & Organic Ingredients: Ingredients: Hibiscus (32%), apple, rosehip shells (16%), elderberries, sweet blackberry leaves, liquorice root, natural flavouring*, aloe vera (1%). *Non-organic ingredient.

None Noted.

Product Code: ADN0008

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