Pregnancy Daily Oral Spray


Suitable for Vegetarians


Better You Pregnancy Daily Oral Spray in collaboration with Madeleine Shaw is pill-free nutritional support for pregnant women to take through all trimesters.

Containing six key important vitamins for pregnancy, BetterYou Pregnancy Oral Spray offers fast and effective delivery of essential nutrients to support both mother and baby.

This non-nausea, peppermint flavoured formulation is safe to take from conception and helps to support your bodies growing nutritional and energy demands during all stages of pregnancy.

Palm oil free and vegetarian society approved. Eco packaging.


400ug Folic Acid, 150ug Iodine, 75ug K2, 75ug (3,000iu) D3, 5mg Iron, 50ug B12


Product Code: BYU0064

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