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Paradox is a completely new and unique concept in Omega supplementation. The essential Omega 3 fats contained in the fish are blended with powerful natural antioxidants giving them a stability unknown in most other fish oils on the market.

Fish live at the bottom of the sea away from light, heat and air. In these conditions, the Omega fatty acids are protected. Once brought to the surface these fatty acids if not protected are fragile and sensitive to the effects of oxidation. Olives on the other hand contains Omega fatty acids and are exposed to extremely hot temperatures. These fatty acids are protected due to their high content of antioxidants, oleuprin and hydroxytyrosol.

The secret behind Paradox Oils is a process to combine and blend these extremely fragile fatty acids to create Paradox. This stability means that the Omegas stay in a better condition in the bottle as well as in the body and ultimately the body systems can use them more efficiently.

The benefits of Paradox Essential Oils include benefits to the heart, circulation, joints, skin and hair, brain and eye function as well as concentration.

Adults and Children over 12 - Use 2 capsules daily. Each serving size of 2 capsules contains 410mg of EPA and DHA (Omega 3), 66mg of Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) and 600mg of Oleic Acid (Omega 9, Vitamin A -trace, Vitamin D 4mcg and Vitamin E 10mg

Side effects: Caution with blood thinning medication.

Pure deep sea fish oil,pure extra virgin olive oil,pure lemon oil,fish gelatin,fat soluble antioxidants,vitamin E,vitamin D.

Product Code: PDX0001

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