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MolluDab contains 5% potassium hydroxide and this is dotted on the molluscum contagiosum bumps twice daily by parents or the patients themselves. It breaks down the skin cells which encase the virus, to enable the immune system to recognise the virus and respond to it. After around 4-6 days treatment, the immune system mounts an 'inflammatory reaction' to molluscum contagiosum. Once this inflammatory response has cleared the virus, the skin can begin healing and the molluscum contagiosum lesions disappear after 1- 5 weeks.

Molluscum contagiosum thrives under warm and damp conditions, so keep the skin clean and dry. Try and avoid sharing the affected person™s towels, clothing, facecloths, bed-linen and toys to avoid spreading the condition.

Those affected should be dissuaded from scratching the bumps and certainly from squeezing them as this can promote spread to other areas of skin not yet affected. In children with the condition, thorough hand-washing should be encouraged to remove the virus from the hands. Affected children do not need to stay away from school (or equally, adults, from work).

How to use MolludabMolluscum Solution :

1. Before using MolluDab

  • MolluDab is suitable for adults and children over 2 years old.
  • The box can be used as a stand; press in the perforation and place the bottle in the opening to help prevent spillages.
  • Once opened MolluDab should be used within 4 weeks.

2. Applying MolluDab to the molluscum bumps

  • Open the child safe lid. The bottle has a protective funnel, when pulling out the spatula excess liquid is stripped off.
  • Dab all the molluscum bumps with the flat side of the spatula. Apply to 3-5 bumps and then wet the spatula again with Molludab.
  • Allow the bumps to dry.
  • Apply MolluDab twice daily (morning and evening).

3. End of use

  • As soon as inflammation appears (recognisable by redness that lasts for 12 hours or more) stop using the product because it indicates that a molluscum bump is healing.
  • Stop using MolluDab solution after 14 days, even if no inflammation is apparent and consult your doctor for further advice.

4. Wait for the molluscum bumps to heal

  • The inflammation indicates that your body is fighting the molluscum bumps.
  • Now it is time to be patient and wait for the molluscum bumps to heal.
  • Healing usually takes between 1 and 5 weeks.

Each 1ml solution contains 50mg potassium hydroxide.

Product Code: MLL0001


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