Sweet Cures

L-Arabinose Plus


Suitable for Vegetarians


SweetCures L-Arabinose Plus tablets may help to control your blood sugar and to control your weight.

When the sugar-rush from eating reaches a particular level, our body realises we are not going to need the glycogen we already have stored in our liver, and converts that excess glycogen into fat for long-term storage. Taking L-Arabinose Plus half an hour before meals can help break the fat storage cycle.

L-Arabinose Plusis not an appetite suppressant as such but in inhibiting œspikesin sugar levels, it also helps control that hungry feeling until you actually do need to eat, so you should no longer have the urge to snack between meals, and will want to stop eating when your blood-sugar reaches a normal level.


Directions: Take 2-3 tablets.

For serious problems related to Diabetes connected to excess insulin production or other blood-sugar problems, please first consult your doctor.

L-Arabinose 83%, Trehalose 17% and micro cellulose film coating.

Product Code: WFL0008

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