Soul Medicine


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Made for those moments when you need to dispel exhaustion and irritability and restore balance, Soul Medicine Inner Calm Mist nurtures you back to a peaceful state of being with its warm, smoky fragrance.

A calming room spray that restores peace, it contains Vetiver to dispel anger and sooth mental and physical exhaustion. Sandalwood brings a grounding effect as harmonizer, Amber creates an atmosphere of comfort and support. The warm, smoky fragrance of Inner Calm Mist creates the headspace you need to banish gloominess and recover serenity.

Simply spray the mist in the room you are using. It works best when listening to the 432 Love Tracks collection or any appropriate music you have. To learn more about 432 Resonance, click here, and for more detailed information and what the Doctors say, click here.

Vetivert, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Benzoin, Amber, Organic Grain Alcohol

Product Code: SOL0002