In Your Prime: Older, Wiser, Happier


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India Knight's guide to ageing is the book every woman has been waiting for.

'Our fifty is not our mum's fifty, let alone our granny's. We have no map or blueprint to tell us how to be. Are we supposed to be grown-ups now, all the time? Are we banned from leopard print?'

With In Your Prime, India Knight provides solutions to all these quandries of modern-day middle age, including:
How to get divorced.
How to be a decent partner and/or step-parent.
How to date when it's been a while.
How to care for your own parents without going insane: does you Dad have dementia? Do you have dementia?

Part invaluable manual, part memoir, part rallying cry for the mildy middle aged, In Your Prime is the definitive, much-needed guide to getting older with confidence and panache.

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