Candida is a the most common form of a yeast infection. We all have this single-celled fungus in the intestines and in the genital tract. When our immune system is at its lowest, or when we do not have sufficient probiotic bacteria, the candida begin to thrive causing the symptoms of discomfort around the genitals often resulting in thrush, red rashes which may be itchy and a white or yellow discharge in armpits, groin and in between fingers. This fungal infection is also termed candidiasis.

As candida becomes more prevalent, there are numerous candida supplements in the UK that are being manufactured. Supplements that have been shown to help ease this fungal infection include garlic, probiotics and grapefruit seed extracts. These all work to keep a check on the fungal infection and bring back the probiotic balance in the whole body.

Alongside candida supplements, it is best to cut out refined sugar from one’s diet. Managing candida will require patience and can take several months depending upon how deep seated the infection is.