Green Releaf



Dorwest Green Releaf tablets are for arthritis, skin and urinary problems. A licensed herbal medicine for the symptomatic relief of arthritis, rheumatism, skin and kidney disorders, and as a diuretic to aid normal urinary elimination in dogs and cats. This combination of common English green leaf herbs is used to relieve the pain of arthritis and rheumatism and so make movement easier and improve the mobility problems that often occur in older animals.

Green Releaf Tablets promote mild water loss, helping to maintain normal urine flow and pH balance. This can be helpful in cases of cystitis, urinary incontinence and leaky bladders that occur after spaying (neutering) or other surgery and in old age.

Benefits of Green Releaf:

  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, anti-bacterial and pain relieving properties.
  • Symptomatic relief of arthritis, skin and kidney disorders
  • Used for itchy skin seasonal issues and allergy related itching
  • Dioretic to aid normal urinary elimination in dogs and cats.

Directions: Treatment dose - 2 tablets per 5-10kgs bodyweight daily; Maintenance dose - 1 tablet per 5-10kgs daily. For animal use only.

Active Ingredients: Watercress 70mg, Celery Seed 30mg, Horseradish 30mg, Celery Plant 30mg, Parsley 20mg.

Product Code: DVR0009


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