Goldenseal Root (Alcohol Free)


Suitable for Vegetarians

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Goldenseal Root exerts a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity against pathogens that invade the body helping to fight infection, and is considered the most powerful natural antibiotic currently available.

Goldenseal has numerous other properties including helping to strengthen the immune system, colon, liver, pancreas, spleen and lymphatic and respiratory systems. Goldenseal also helps improve digestion, regulates menses, decreases uterine bleeding and stimulates the central nervous system. Good for allergies, ulcers and disorders affecting the bladder, prostate, stomach or vagina. Used at the first sign of possible symptoms, can stop a cold, flu or sore throat from developing.

Caution: Please use a good B Complex if using goldenseal for prolonged period.

One ml upto three times daily

Not suitable prior or during pregnancy. Not to be taken with immunosupressants.

Product Code: NAA2003

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