Echinacea & Goldenseal -Alcohol Free


Suitable for Vegetarians

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Fights inflammation and bacterial and viral infection. Stimulates certain white blood cells. Good for the immune system and the lymphatic system. Useful for allergies, colic, colds, flu and other infectious illnesses. Caution: Should not be taken for prolonged periods.

Dosage: One ml upto three times daily.

Serving Size 1 ml (approx. 28 drops), Servings Per Container 60. Amount Per Serving: Proprietary Blend: Extracts of E. Angustifolia root (1:1), E. purpurea whole plant (1:1) Guaranteed to contain the equivalent of 10 mg of total phenols Goldenseal root extract (1:2) Guaranteed to contain a minimum of 2,500 mcg of Hydrastine and 5,000 mcg of Berberine. Other Ingredients: Coconut Glycerin, USP Purified Water.

Product Code: NAA2054

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