Dieters Drink

30-Tea Bags


With a formula that’s based on an old Chinese book of medicine, after centuries of use, Dieters’ Drink has proven to be one of the best healthy beverages for dieters. 

Blended with premium natural herbs, Dieters' Drink takes its recipe from the book 'Detailed Outlines on Chinese Herbs' by Lee Se-Zhen (1518-1593). Free from Caffeine and stimulants, it’s considered to be one of the best teas for those looking to lose weight.

Drink a maximum of three cups a day.

Malva Verticellata (Chinese Mellow), Senna Leaf (Cassia Angustifolia). No caffeine. No chemical additives.

This product contains senna. Do not use if you have diarrhoea, loose stools or abdominal pain.

Product Code: ULT0002

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