Coconut Oil Whitening Pen



Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Whitening Pen is a natural way to brighten your teeth using coconut oil & 6% Hydrogen Peroxide. 

Besides aiding in eliminating plaque and bacteria, this teeth whitening pen can also improve breath. Made from all-natural ingredients, this teeth whitening pen includes pure water and coconut oil. Free from BPA, GMO, Sulphates, and Parabens and other ingredients that can be toxic not only to you but to the environment: also not tested on animals. The subtly sweet coconut-mint flavour will have you rethinking your idea of how teeth whitening should taste. Developed by 2 dentists with over 65 years’ combined experience and a passion for helping people stay healthy and happy. 

How to use teeth whitening pen: Unscrew cap and remove wand. Dry teeth and keep lips away from teeth. Apply gel to teeth in circular motion, taking care not to apply gel to gums or lips. Keep smiling to avoid lips from contacting teeth for roughly one minute. No need to rinse, use up to twice a day, as often as needed.


Coconut Oil, Water, Coconut Flavouring, Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbopol, Xylitol, TEA, Coco Betaine, Vegetable Glycerine.

Product Code: DGS0001

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