Antiseptic Honey



Antiseptic Honey from the Active Honey Co. is an antiseptic grade of honey to help with dry skin conditions, stretch marks, sunburn, minor burns, bedsores, leg ulcers, cuts and grazes.

Honey is a natural antiseptic and has a long history of usage to heal wounds and for leg ulcer treatment.  Derived from the rainforest in Chile this antiseptic honey has been graded on its potency and is a high 20+ rating.

Active Honey Co's Antiseptic Honey is the ideal antidote for helping to relieve, moisture and hydrate dry, cracked, inflamed and damaged skin.

Antiseptic Honey can also be applied to:

• Dry skin conditions
• Sunburn and minor burns
• Stretch marks

Directions: Apply a small amount of Antiseptic Honey 20+ to the required area once or twice daily.

For external use only.

Mel (100% pure Chilean Honey).

Product Code: LFP0013

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