Air Defence Oral Spray


Suitable for Vegetarians


BetterYou Air Defence Daily Oral Spray is a highly absorbable, easy to take supplement with Vitamins B and D and Selenium to help protect your cells from oxidative stress which can be caused by fine particles in the air we breath and the bodies normal function of the immune sytem. 

Vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Vitamin B12, B6 & folate contribute to normal red blood cell formation.

Selenium contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress helping to minimise the effects of damaging free radicals such as those found in air pollution.

BetterYou Air Defence oral spray has been scientifically formulated to deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the primary processing by the gut. The tiny droplets within the spray absorb quickly via the buccal membrane of the inner cheek, providing fast and effective nutrient uptake.

How to use

Initial use: press the pump 3 times to get the liquid flowing. Shake well before every use. Carefully spray into your mouth, ideally onto the inside of your cheek, and hold for a few seconds. Replace the cap after use.


1-6 years: 1 spray daily
7-10 years: 2 sprays daily
11-14 years: 3 sprays daily
15 years upwards: 4 sprays daily


Once opened, use within 6 months. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Do not exceed recommended dosage. Contains xylitol – excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

Does not need to be taken with food or water, can be taken at any time of the day and combined with our other oral sprays.

Each daily dose (4 sprays) contains: Vitamin D3 - 25mcg (1000 IU), Vitamin B6 - 5mg, Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) – 400mcg, Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) – 250mcg and Selenium – 55mcg.

Water, Diluent (Xylitol), Glycerin, Emulsifiers (Acacia Gum, Sunflower Lecithin), Medium Chain Triglycerides, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Folic Acid (Vitamin B9), Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Natural Flavouring (Peach And Pomegranate), Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12), Sodium Selenate (Selenium), Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3).

Product Code: BYU0002

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