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100% levomenthol w/w 3-grams


4head stick for headaches contains a powerful natural painkiller, 100% levomenthol, that can help block pain signals caused by tension headaches and relax the muscles in the head.

4head rub is colourless and non-greasy upon application, leaving no sticky residue. It is applied by simply wiping the surface of the stick gently across the forehead. 4head headache relief can be applied as required, and is not subject to the same dosing restrictions associated with aspirin, NSAIDs or paracetamol. Adults, the elderly and children can use it too. 4 Head can be used during pregnancy & whilst breastfeeding.

A clinical trial with tension headache sufferers confirmed that after applying 4head they could feel the effects of its powerful natural painkiller, pure levomenthol, getting to work in just two minutes.

How to use 4Head Stick:
Simply wipe the surface of 4Head stick gently across the forehead. 4head can be applied as often as required.


For external use only.


Contains levomenthol.


Product Code: DOM0698

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