Margaret Dabbs

3-in-1 Shoe Freshener


Suitable for Vegetarians


Margaret Dabbs 3-In-1 Shoe Freshener is an electrical appliance to keep your footwear fresh, clean and odour free. A perfect hygiene measure for trainers, boots, slippers, socks and even crash helmets, to eliminate bacteria and fungi that cause odour, athlete's foot and fungal nail infections.

What does it do:
Suitable for all sizes and types of footwear and head gear too, the 3-in-1 shoe freshener is a multi-purpose device essential for all households. Cleaning, purifying and drying this new Margaret Dabbs product is an all-round solution for smelly, damp or contaminated footwear.

The Science:
A simple and easy 1,2,3 step process for superior freshness and footwear hygiene.
1. Cleaning - Refreshes shoes using Active Oxygen (Ozone) Technology, safely removing bacteria and germs
2. Purifying - Eliminates bacteria and fungi that cause odour, Athlete's Foot and fungal nails.
3. Drying Working from the inside out. A much better solution to drying them on the radiator or in the airing cupboard.

The Summary:
- By preserving and protecting your footwear, the 3-in-1 Shoe Freshener will extend the life of your shoes
- Using Active Oxygen (Ozone) Technology the scentless air stream helps to control odours and works to gradually remove them
- Helps to prevent recontamination of Athlete's Foot and fungal nail conditions.
- A portable device, perfect for travel and storage.
- Environmentally friendly, reusable & made from recyclable ABS plastic.
- Low cost electricity output, equivalent to an electric toothbrush charger.
- Easy to use - One setting with built-in timer

Suitable for all sizes and types of footwear and head gear too!

*Please note a very minimal noise output during the cleansing cycle. Appliance comes fitted with Type G British 3 pin electrical plug

Directions: Easy to use, the Margaret Dabbs 3-in-1 Shoe Freshener simply plugs into your power supply. Then place the 3-in-1 Shoe Freshener into your shoes in the evening and the next morning your shoes will be fresh, dry and odour-free. Keep your shoes hygienic, clean and fresh with regular use of the 3-in-1 Shoe Freshener.






Product Code: MDS0055


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